Structural consulting engineers

Founded in 2009 by Philip Garbutt and Pierre Mouchel, Design Box offers tailored expertise to structural challenges that come in the way of architects, contractors, and end clients.

With its long-standing reputation, prestigious references, and a taste for atypical projects, Design Box built a solid know-how in old constructions, secured buildings and places of exception where everything must be thought out, from the foundations to the visible structure.

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Our team assists you with cutting-edge tools

Multicultural, multigenerationnal and multiskilled, our team means business when it comes to tackling unusual problems. To do so, we have what it takes: an original approach, experience, rigour and cutting-edge tools.

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Structural audit

We carry out numerous audits and work for clients all over the world buying property (Private house, office building, hotel or store) in France and French speaking Europe. We also provide a project monitoring service in the case of VEFA and client review. We prepare Anglo-Saxon type due diligence reports mainly around the structural fabric, but can also join the services of companies specializing in facades or even fire safety when necessary.

Project Management

Our leitmotif is to have a personalised approach combining the requirements of our Client and our skills. Whatever the scope of the project, we study the various possibilities allowing its realisation in the rules of the art. Our approach is above all pragmatic and secure. We take into account all the parameters necessary to determine the structure best suited to the project, ensuring its stability and sustainability. We master each phase of a project and the deliverables expected for each of them.

BIM & Scanner 3D

Convinced by the potential that digital models hold for constructing or rehabilitating buildings, DESIGN BOX has been investing in this field since 2013 both in terms of training its team and software. In particular, we have worked in BIM on Data Center projects, aqualudic centers and the heavy restructuration of Parisian buildings. This technique now allows our engineers to precisely integrate existing structures into the calculation of structural reinforcement. The client discovers his property in detail and keeps the history of his heritage in digital format.

Technical client representative

We put our strong experience at the service of the Project Owners to support them in the management of their project. As an AMO (client technical representative), we are able to provide an advisory service in the interest of the Client who may have already have a design team in place but requires further reassurance to anticipate certain technical decisions. The AMO can intervene at any time of a project, from the definition of the needs to the reception of the work.